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Coldplay anuncia el lanzamiento de un nuevo disco para noviembre

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Por otra parte, se especula en 2020 podrían encabezar el festival Glastonbury.

El grupo Coldplay ha confirmado el lanzamiento de su próxima producción discográfica este 22 de noviembre a través de una carta remitida por correo postal.

De acuerdo a la información que la agrupación británica fue revelando la semana pasada, el álbum contará con dos partes, una llamada “Sunrise” y otra “Sunset”, misma que ya en conjunto llevará por nombre “Everyday Life”.

Conjuntamente, la banda liderada por Chris Martin cambió la imagen de su perfil en redes sociales por una fotografía en la que se ve un sol y una luna, escenario que ha llevado a pensar a sus seguidores que se trata de un proyecto “experimental”.

El último trabajo de Coldplay fue en 2015, con el disco “A Head Full Of Dreams”. Por otra parte, se especula en 2020 podrían encabezar el festival Glastonbury.


We're celebrating the release of #theButterflypackage documentary / concert film / live album on Dec 7, by sharing some classic #Coldplay live shots and accompanying tales from @millerworld, who's been photographing the band since 2002…⁣ ⁣ BUTTERFLY CONFETTI - VIVA TOUR⁣ ⁣ Confetti first joined the Coldplay live experience on Viva.⁣ As a photographer, it was somewhat challenging to work with. Nothing screws up autofocus quicker than scattering thousands of bits of paper between you and your subject. I eventually gave up completely - to the point where on AHFOD, I manually focussed for the whole tour - concluding that it might as well be me that screwed it up.⁣ ⁣ Another confetti downside was that it got absolutely everywhere. I once opened my paperback at bedtime only to have a piece gently flutter out. Worse still, I actually found a piece not just at home, but *inside my fridge* at home (still trying to work that one out…). I also vaguely recall the driver of the pyro-crew bus getting so sick of pulling confetti out of the furniture that he banned all those guys from boarding their bus until they’d fully vacuumed themselves outside.⁣ ⁣ But like so much else that could be a pain - their moments in the show more than made up for any niggles. As a physical, tangible expression of the explosions of joy that come at regular intervals in a Coldplay show, I just cannot imagine anything better. I also recall one night on the Viva tour, in a stadium in the chilly north of Europe somewhere, where the heat of 50,000 bodies and the cold air outside the stadium meant that when the butterflies were launched upwards, most of them continued to rise - catching thermals and escaping en masse into the night sky. Watching this from side-stage was utterly surreal and is just one of many moments that I feel very lucky to have witnessed and stashed away in the memory bank.

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